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At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., we have represented more than six hundred medical providers as they seek to obtain no-fault benefits when they were prematurely denied by insurance companies. Our goal is to help them recover the no-fault benefits they deserve after being denied.

View several of the results we proudly share below!

Arbitration Decision – Chiropractic Treatment:
Our provider treated the injured party for months prior to the IME. After services were denied, our provider continued treatment disagreeing with the findings. At the arbitration, we indicated our client’s SOAP notes revealed continued subjective complaints and objective evidence in the form of decreased cervical and lumbar ranges of motion, positive orthopedic tests, and muscle spasms.

The SOAP notes documented sufficient evidence that the injured party was still suffering from complaints in the cervical and lumbar spine post IME, as well as positive subjective findings. Upon the arbitrator’s review, it was determined that the post IME treatment was medically necessary.

Result: Our provider was awarded the full amount of the post-IME treatment.

Arbitration Decision - Chiropractic Treatment:
The injured party was examined by the IME doctor several months after the motor vehicle accident and he reported continued tenderness throughout the cervical and lumbar spine regions. The IME doctor’s diagnosis of the injured party was ongoing sprain/strain. As the arbitrator reviewed the medical records an MRI was brought forth suggesting that the injured party’s spinal injury was more severe that a sprain/strain.

The study revealed a disc bulge at L5-S1, with ventral canal encroachment. In addition, electro diagnostic studies revealed evidence of bilateral radiculopathy at C8 and L5. These medical reports were prior to the IME and confirmed positive findings consistent with the complaints and positive findings set forth the provider’s examinations after the IME.

Result: Our provider was awarded the full amount of the post IME treatment.

Arbitration Decision - Physical Therapy:
The injured party had complained of moderate low back pain with radiation down the right lower extremity to the knee. The neurological examination revealed hypoesthesia to light touch and pin prick at L4-S1 dermatomes. Our client’s diagnosis was lumbar radiculitis, lumbar disc displacement without myelopathy, and right knee derangement. The injured party subsequently submitted to an IME in which future no-fault benefits were denied as the injuries have been resolved.

The provider continued to treat the injured party and conduct examinations after the IME. The injured party was again diagnosed with lumbar radiculitis, lumbar disc displacement without myelopathy, and right knee derangement upon a follow-up examination. The injured party continued with physical therapy and trigger point injections as needed. Upon the arbitrator’s review of the medical records, the injured party had continuing complaints of pain and positive findings before and after the IME, which was sufficient to prove the post denial services were necessary.

Result: Our provider was granted the full amount of the claim.

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