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Scaffolding Accidents on Long Island

Long Island Scaffolding Accident Attorney

One of the most common construction accident injuries is a scaffolding fall. These can occur in a variety of circumstances, but a collapse of the scaffolding is not uncommon. In some cases, a fall occurs through a sequence of events such as a falling object or a failure of the company to abide by the safety requirements under state law.

The injuries that result in these accidents are often very severe, including brain damage or spinal injuries. A fall from scaffolding resulting in severe injuries demands support from a skilled Long Island personal injury attorney when seeking compensation for damages. At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., our legal team has more than 40 years' experience recovering compensation for clients who have suffered injuries through scaffolding falls and accidents.

Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

When an injured worker is fighting for his or her life in the hospital, his family members rarely have time to consider the legal aspects of the case. The approach taken to seeking compensation can be extremely vital to the future of the injured and their families, and deserves to be addressed by an experienced Long Island injury attorney from our firm.

As the future health of the injured, both physically and financially, will be based upon the outcome of the claim or lawsuit, it is crucial to have powerful and experienced legal support. Our legal team is proud of our impressive record of success in seeking maximum compensation for our injured clients and their families, and we will take the burden off the injured or their families in professionally and carefully filing a claim.

Filing a Claim

Many scaffolding accidents are caused by a failure to properly erect the structure, or a failure of a connecting piece of the structure. When the equipment manufacturer has failed to provide a product that is safe, it is likely that they can be held as liable in a lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured.

Trust in Our Experienced Team

There are many cases of scaffolding accidents, in which the worker suffered severe burns or death from coming into contact with high voltage wires. All such accidents could have been avoided, and when negligence is involved, our legal team will immediately take action with regard to protecting our client. Speak with a Long Island personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident - it may be the best step you can take in regards to recovering from a serious accident.

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