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Keeping up our teeth is not only important for cosmetic reasons, but also many health reasons. Dental disease or oral problems can cause aching, pain and infections that may lead to serious dentist bills. These types of issues are handled by a dentist, who similar to a doctor, is licensed to be practicing his area of care. Every dentist office is held to a legal responsibility and standard of operation. This means that your dentist is called to provide you and other patients with the same level of care as any other dentist reasonably would.

At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., we help our clients fight against any case of medical malpractice. Suffering from a negligent dentist's actions can be cumbersome, causing you difficulty when attempting to eat, drink or speak. Some more severe cases may cause permanent damage to your jaw structure, tooth loss and nerve injury.

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How do you identify dental malpractice?

In the case of dental malpractice, there are several factors that will determine whether it was negligent care or not. The first of these that you must examine is duty. Every dentist is held legally responsible for providing competent and acceptable treatment. They have the duty of caring for clients at the same standard as any other competing dentist in your area would offer.

If the dentist fails to maintain or uphold his standard of duty, a breach has occurred. While it can be common, a breach is doesn't always fall under an unsuccessful treatment. The act of definite breach can be demonstrated in a case where a dentist pulls the wrong tooth due to lack of attention and care that a patient deserves.

This breach will be weighed against the results it causes, whether that is serious injury and pain or inconsequential effects. There must be a causation that links your dentist's actions and breach of duty to your current pain or injury. With preventable and careless treatment, your dentist may cause you permanent damage, owing you compensation for future bills and emotional trauma. These damages must be proven, showing that your dentist's breach of acceptable care was the cause for your pain and suffering. The types of damages that may be proven include the physical, financial and non-economic difficulties.

Building a Strong Malpractice Case

It may seem like too much of a challenge to find evidence and prove that your dentist has wronged you. That's why you should enlist the legal support of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. Our dedicated legal team is prepared to assist clients who are in pain from their dental injuries. From untreated infections to gum damage, our firm has the legal knowledge to handle any case of dental malpractice.

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