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Snow & Ice Injury in Long Island

Recovering Compensation After Your Injury

Our winters can be frigid and roadways, sidewalks and other areas can become hazardous to those who drive or walk on icy surfaces. Snowy, icy roads can lead to deadly accidents, and slippery, icy sidewalks are the cause of countless injury accidents in the communities of Long Island (Nassau, Suffolk and Queens). If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to icy or snowy conditions, whether a slip & fall or car accident, it is crucial that you immediately contact a legal professional to assess the case and advise you how to proceed in seeking compensation for damages.

Although icy and snowy roads contribute to dangerous car and truck accidents, in many cases it has been determined that the driver was driving far faster than would be considered a safe speed due to the road conditions. Truck drivers particularly are trained in how to operate vehicles in icy and snowy conditions, and if they have violated their own safety procedures, they may still be considered liable in a court of law, depending upon the exact circumstances of the case.

Who is Responsible for Covering My Damages?

When the accident occurred on an icy or snowy walking surface, the city or responsible party may have liability for not ensuring that visitors to the area were safe from the danger of slipping and falling. Although for some a slip and fall accident may only cause mild bruising, for others it can result in:

It is always wise to seek medical attention directly after an injury, as some effects are not immediately apparent.

Long Island Personal Injury Attorney

In cases of snow and ice injuries, it is vital that you get legal representation that has a proven record of successfully recovering damages in such cases. At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., our legal team has over 40 years of experience in personal injury cases, including those involving icy and snowy surfaces and roadways. A free evaluation of your case is offered so that you can determine how the case is expected to proceed, and how it will be addressed legally. We take on each case with a firm resolve to recover fair and full compensation for our injured client, and are proud of our impressive record in assisting the injured and their families in cases of injury resulting from icy or snowy conditions.

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