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When an individual causes bodily harm through an assault, a civil lawsuit filed to recover damages could be possible. The assault was an illegal act, and as such may open the door to punitive damages above and beyond the other types of damages included in the claim. When criminal wrongdoing results in injury, the case demands the support of a Long Island personal injury lawyer. At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., our large legal team has extensive experience in filing lawsuits and claims in cases in which our client has suffered from an assault and sustained injuries and other damages.

We will evaluate your situation and advise you on what to expect in the process ahead.

Filing Your Injury Claim on Long Island

Those who choose to use violence against another are stepping outside the restrictions of the law. An assault can cause not only severe injuries, the emotional damage can be extensive. When the attacker is a family member or former spouse or relationship partner, the situation can be even more distressing and frightening. These cases come about in a variety of circumstances, and many cases take place in fights in which alcohol played a starring role. Some of the common circumstances that have led to severe and disabling injuries:

  • Bar fights
  • Arguments
  • Family-involved assaults

Sometimes, it is not possible to get a criminal conviction in court against the attacker. A civil suit has different guidelines for establishing fault, and it is often possible to obtain some justice in a civil court when it could not be done in a criminal court. When one person takes physical action against another, the injuries can be very serious.

In the most tragic cases, the victim dies after an attack. Whether your case is an injury case or a wrongful death case, our legal team will carefully review all the evidence, statements and medical records as well as interview the injured if possible, and file a claim that truly reflects all the damages suffered.

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Our firm can interview you at the hospital or treatment facility if necessary. It is important that action is taken quickly in such cases, and our legal team is prepared to fight for fair compensation. Contact our firm if you or a loved one has been injured through an assault. We serve clients throughout the communities of Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk & Queens.

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