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The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. has successfully represented over 600 medical providers in obtaining the no-fault benefits they need after insurance companies prematurely denied their claims. If you are a medical professional in need of an experienced Long Island no-fault lawyer, call our team today. We have tackled numerous cases for medical providers such as physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, and more.

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We can help our clients challenge their no-fault benefits that have been denied due to:

  • Post IME Treatment: Many insurers will use an independent medical examination (IME) to question the necessity of the treatment you provided. But you can contest the IME's judgment with the help of our lawyers.
  • Peer Review Denials: If a medical doctor hired by the insurance company disagreed with the medical necessity of the treatments you provided, the insurer can deny a claim on this basis. But these peer reviewed claims are not always accurate, as the doctor simply reviews medical records and not the injured person.
  • Partial Pay/Fee Schedule: Insurers may significantly reduce its payment due to a different way of interpreting the fee schedule and other rates. If the insurer has applied your payment incorrectly, we can help you recover your due portion.
  • EUOs: Insurers require that the injured party and/or medical providers attend an examination under oath (EUO) to testify regarding the claim. Failure to attend an EUO can result in a denied claim. We recommend that you have an attorney help you prepare for the hearing.

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We are experienced trial lawyers who have extensive experience litigating and winning claim denials. Our team has represented thousands of claims that amounted to millions of dollars for our clients. You only pay us after we win a settlement for you. See what our over 40 years of experience and knowledge in insurance claims can do for you.

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