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Post Independent Medical Examination (IME)

No-Fault insurance companies regularly use an independent medical examination (IME) to determine if the injured party is still in need of medical treatment. The IME is performed by a doctor hired by the insurance company who physically examines the injured party to determine if future treatment is warranted.

Factors that an IME physician will look at:

  • If an injury is legitimate
  • If treatment was medically necessary
  • If the treatment will improve the patient's condition

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If the IME physician determines that no further treatment is necessary, the insurance company will issue a denial terminating future no-fault benefits. This denial does not necessarily mean the provider must stop treating the insured. It is within the provider's rights to disagree with the IME by continuing to render medically necessary treatment and submit bills to the No-Fault insurance company. If you need help recovering your owed balance for the services you provided, talk to a Long Island Post IME lawyer. The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. can recover the bills submitted by the provider after No-Fault benefits have been terminated.

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