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Dog Attacks in New York

Dog bites are highly susceptible to infection. If you've been bitten by a dog, get immediate medical attention to determine whether or not you may have been exposed to tetanus as a result. Then, contact a Long Island personal injury attorney at The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. for the legal representation you need.

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The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. has decades of experience spanning multiple generations. Our legal team is more than qualified to obtain maximum results for your dog bite claim.

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I've been attacked by someone else's dangerous pet. What now?

The first and most important step is to get medical attention and call law enforcement so that the animal in question is unable to harm anyone else. Getting the name of the owner of the animal is vital too. Then we can carefully review your case and advise you on what to expect when seeking maximum compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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Who is Liable for a Dog Bite Injury in New York?

Unlike many other states in the U.S., New York does not hold dog owners strictly liable for the actions of their pet. Rather, the burden of proof is placed on the victim. As such, it would be the responsibility of the victim to prove that one of three circumstances existed:

  • The owner knew, or should have known, of the dog's violent propensities
  • The owner was unaware of the dog's vicious tendencies, but negligently caused the attack
  • They were attacked by a "dangerous dog."

If the plaintiff can prove that the owner had prior knowledge of the dog's violent behavior and/or they had negligently contributed to the attack, strict liability would be imposed for any injuries that were sustained. If the victim can show that they had been attacked by a "dangerous dog," however, they would be able to recover damages under the common law and the Dangerous Dog Statute (New York Agriculture & Markets Code section 123).


According to the Dangerous Dog Statute, a dangerous dog would be:

  • Any dog that attacks a person, companion animal or domestic animal without justification, and subsequently causes physical injury or death.
  • Any dog that behaves in such a manner that would pose a serious and unjustified imminent threat of serious physical injury or death.
  • Any dog that attacks a service dog, guide dog or hearing dog without justification, and subsequently causes physical injury or death.
Vicious Propensities

The dog owner is liable for medical bills and veterinary costs only, unless it can be proven that the owner of the dog was aware that the animal had a history of biting or other vicious propensities. If so, he or she can be held liable for pain and suffering as well.

Examples of vicious propensity could include the following:

  • The dog is known to have bitten someone in the past
  • The dog growls, bares its teeth, snarls, snaps or barks excessively
  • The dog goes into an aggressive "attack stance"
  • The dog is often muzzled by its owner
  • The owner's property had a "beware of dog" warning posted

Any person hurt by a dog that seeks compensation above the costs of medical bills must prove that the dog had "vicious propensities" and was unprovoked before the attack.

Compensation for a Dog Bite

Since New York falls under a "mixed" category when it comes to regulating dog owner liability, the victim of an animal attack would be able to recover minimal compensation for the cost of their medical bills even if they were unable to prove that the dog had vicious tendencies.

If they were able to prove that the dog had previously attacked another person and/or that the owner was aware of their pet's dangerous habits, they would be able to seek damages for pain and suffering, as well. Similarly, the owner who negligently permitted their dog to attack another person would be subject to a civil penalty of $1,500.

If the dog had previously been deemed "dangerous," the owner could be penalized by 90 days' imprisonment and a $3,000 fine. Finally, the owner would be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor if they had negligently allowed a dangerous dog to attack and kill another person—which is punishable by up to one year in prison.

Find Out How a Dog Attack Attorney in Long Island Can Help

You deserve maximum compensation! We can help you establish liability on the part of the owner and fight for a fair payout so that you do not suffer financial stress due to someone else's negligence. For more information about protecting your rights, filing an insurance claim, and obtaining the compensation you need, contact a Long Island dog bite lawyer at The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. as soon as possible.

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We Have Recovered OVER 100 MILLION DOLLARS

  • $1.2 Million Dollar Settlement

    Facts: Plaintiff was driving his motor vehicle straight when defendant, who was legally drunk, crossed over a divider and struck the plaintiff's car head on. Plaintiff was the only occupant in the car and died instantly. Plaintiff had dependent wife and teenage son.

  • $1.6 Million Dollar Settlement

    Plaintiff is a 50 year old man who was doing repair work on a residential residence in Suffolk County. He was on a ladder when several bricks in the patio supporting the ladder gave way causing him to fall to the ground. The homeowner was negligent due to the improper construction and maintenance of the brick patio. Plaintiff suffered injuries to his pelvis, back, neck and legs and is disabled from future work.

  • $850,000 Mediated Settlement

    Facts: Plaintiff is a 65 year old male driving his motor vehicle at approximately 3:00 a.m. when a tour bus pulled out from a parking lot. Plaintiff was driving straight and struck the middle of the tour bus on the driver's side. Defendant claimed that he was stopped in the roadway waiting to make a left hand turn and plaintiff had ample to see the tour bus and avoid a collision.

    Defendant additionally argued the reflectors on the side of the bus would make the bus clearly visible and that plaintiff was fatigued from work. Plaintiff suffered broken ribs and a fractured hip requiring an open reduction and necessitating plaintiff walk with the assistance of a cane.

  • $600,000 Trial Verdict

    Facts: Plaintiff is a 38 year old livery cab driver. He parked his car at the end of his shift in the dispatch garage and was walking to the office. Another car entered the garage at an unreasonable speed and skidded on oil that was left pooling by the owner of the garage. The car pinned plaintiff up against the garage wall breaking his left tibia and fibula and causing him to suffer permanent limp.

    Defendants claimed there was a safe egress from the garage and plaintiff was responsible for putting himself in harm's way. Additionally, defendants submitted surveillance video of plaintiff participating in recreational sports.

  • $555,000 Mediated Settlement

    Plaintiff is a 33 year old man who was riding his bicycle through an intersection when he was struck by a motor vehicle and injured his left knee. Plaintiff suffered a torn ACL requiring surgery an extensive rehabilitation. Plaintiff's injury resulted in a 1 inch atrophy of the left quadriceps muscle. Defendant claimed his motor vehicle was stopped at a red light when plaintiff rode off the sidewalk and struck the right front quarter panel of the vehicle.

  • $395,000 Settlement at Jury Selection

    Plaintiff is a seventy year old woman that slipped on ice in her apartment complex owned by the New York City Housing Authority. She suffered a bimalleolar fracture with an avulsion fracture of the medial malleolus requiring an open reduction and insertion of hardware. Defendant claimed they did not have ample opportunity to remove the snow and ice since it had snowed over two feet in the twenty four hours before the accident. Through discovery and further investigation it was revealed that an employee of the defendant was directed to remove the snow and ice from the subject area, but refused his assignment. The area in question, therefore, remained untended for an unreasonably long period of time.

  • $390,000 Mediated Settlement

    Plaintiff, a 38 year old female was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Suffolk County. Plaintiff underwent surgery consisting of a mini-open retro-peritoneal exposure of the lumbar spine with an anterior lumbar interbody decompression and fusion; partial vertebral corpectomy and a lumbar implant L5-S1. Defendant argued that the impact and damage to the motor vehicle was not significant and that plaintiff had a prior accident resulting in her undergoing MRI’s evidencing significant lumbar injuries.

  • $350,000 Trial Verdict

    Facts: Plaintiff is a 33 year old male driving his motorcycle straight when the defendant attempted to make a right turn and struck the side of plaintiff's motorcycle. Defendant claimed he followed a turn arrow and that the plaintiff rode through a steady red light. Defendant also claimed that according to plaintiff's own doctors he made an excellent recovery and suffered no restrictions.

    Plaintiff suffered a fracture of his right tibia and fibula requiring surgery. Defendant was found to be 100% liable at trial and offered a $100,000 settlement. Plaintiff refused the offer and obtained a jury verdict.

  • $300,000 Settlement During Trial

    Facts: The plaintiff is a 38 year old male who was stopped in traffic when his vehicle was struck in the rear by another car. Plaintiff was awarded summary judgment on liability and the matter proceeded to trial on damages. The plaintiff suffered a lumbar herniated disc requiring a fusion and laminectomy.

    Defendant claimed that the plaintiff's injury was not related to the accident as he suffers from severe Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Defendant also obtained surveillance footage of plaintiff working at a construction site carrying various heavy objects. Case settled after jury selection and before opening statements.

  • $295,000 Mediated Settlement

    Facts: Plaintiff is a 43 year old women who was driving her motor vehicle which was struck in the rear by another car. Plaintiff suffered thoracic and lumbar herniated discs requiring a posterolateral spinal fusion at T11 – L2, segmental pedicle fixation at T11-L2 and an iliac crest bone graft. Defendant conceded liability but claimed the injury was degenerative as there was no visible damage to the motor vehicle plaintiff was operating.


  • I have foond their efforts to excel beyond that of other firms.

    “I have had the privilege of working with the Odierno law firm in excess of 15 years. I have fond there efforts to excel beyond that of other firms. They seem to always be available for not only client questions but questions regarding my practice as well. I highly recommend this firm. ”


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    “Just wanted to say thank you for everything, it was a pleasure to work with Maria and Stephanie who worked on my case. They were so friendly and especially given the circumstances of being in pain they really made this awful experience better and manageable. They really were on the ball and I can not thank them enough. Thanks for great service!!”

    Jennifer DiPietro

  • Absolutely love this law firm. Staff was awesome.

    “Absolutely love this law firm. Staff was awesome. My case went smooth and they were on it from the very start. I definitely recommend them. Client for life. ”


  • I cannot say enough about the Odierno Law Firm! Everyone I worked with truly went out of their way

    “I cannot say enough about the Odierno Law Firm! Everyone I worked with truly went out of their way to explain the legal process, make me feel at ease, and explain each step thoroughly in language I could easily understand. I have no doubt that choosing Odierno was the best decision I could have made! Thank you to Scott, Russell, Stephanie, Maria, Kim and the entire office for all of your efforts on my behalf.”


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