What If the Insurance Company Won't Offer a Fair Settlement?

Insurance companies are not known for being fair and just in offering settlements to policyholders and auto accident victims who file a claim as a result of an injury or loss. If they can get a person to accept a low settlement offer, or get the victim to believe that they are ineligible to receive any compensation at all, that is exactly what many of them will do. Insurance companies offer people the hope of protection. Every time they have to pay out on a claim, it directly cuts into profitability.

If you have been offered an unfair settlement, and the insurance company will not even consider giving you a fair offer, you need to retain experienced legal counsel at once. Attempting to deal with the insurance company on your own is not advised. You will have a much greater chance of maximizing your settlement amount with help from a personal injury attorney who is known for having recovered substantial settlements on behalf of local accident victims and their families.

A Long Island injury lawyer from Odierno Law Firm, P.C. will be able to review your claim, determine its validity, advise you as to whether the insurance company has been acting in bad faith, and help you pursue a settlement offer commensurate with the injuries or loss you sustained. If bad faith practices can be proven, you may be entitled to receive punitive damages as well. At our firm, we treat each of our clients' cases with the attention to detail they deserve, and we do not back down when fighting to help our clients get the most optimal results.

If you are having trouble getting the settlement you deserve, there is something you can do about it. The lawyers at The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. are more than qualified to represent your case and we are committed to being the aggressive advocate you need when standing up for your rights. Contact our firm now to discuss your case with a Long Island personal injury attorney.