Who is Going to Pay for All of My Medical Expenses?

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident or other type of personal injury accident, you may be wondering who is going to pay for all of your medical expenses. Are you going to be held financially liable or will you be able to seek damages from the party you believe to be responsible for causing your injuries? What if you are partially at-fault? Will you be eligible to seek compensation at all? As the victim of an accident you may be eligible to pursue compensation to cover the costs of your medical care and treatment, as well as all accident-related expenses.

In these types of cases, there is no question that the outcome of your case and financial remuneration you are eligible to receive significantly depend on the legal counsel you choose to represent your case. With the value of your claim at risk if contributory or comparative negligence is established, you are going to need an aggressive lawyer who is committed to helping you prove liability. Our lawyers are steadfast advocates for the rights of accident victims and their families. We are meticulous in our case preparation so as to not miss any key components and we have had much success maximizing our clients' claims as a result.

After a careful assessment of your case, we will not only inform you of your rights but we will take the time to discuss the course of action we recommend you pursue. We realize accidents are painful enough, without victims having to stress about whether or not their medical bills and other expenses incurred as a result of the accident will be covered. Let us reassure you that a personal injury lawyer from The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. will give you a certain sense of relief in knowing your case is in good hands. Our lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience and we have an entire legal team devoted to giving you the support and hard-hitting representation you need.

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