5 Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Riding a motorcycle on a nice day can be a great experience. It can also turn dangerous quickly, due to the negligence of other drivers or lack of experience on the part of the motorcyclist. To make the most out of your time on a motorcycle, follow these safety tips.

1. Be aware of your surroundings

When operating any motor vehicle, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. It is even more important to be aware of what’s around you while on a motorcycle as the negative impacts of a crash are magnified when you do not have the metal frame of a car and airbags to protect you. While cars should always look out for motorcycles, it is not enough to rely on other drivers to see you. Always behave as if no one can see you. This will account for drivers who cannot see you in a blind spot or who aren’t paying attention. Always do your best to stay out of blind spots, give cars space when merging, and always get out of the way of cars that are backing up. It is always better to allow cars to go first than to risk being hit.

2. Watch out for obstructions in the road

Debris and potholes in the road can be damaging to cars, but can prove fatal to motorcyclists. Always keep an eye out of obstructions in the road that could cause you to be thrown from your bike or forced to swerve into traffic at the last minute. By being aware of road obstructions, you can plan to avoid them.

3. Be careful of cars turning left at intersections

Although you may have the right of way, cars often will hit motorcyclists while making a left turn. While being mindful of oncoming cars’ blinker and tire position, you should always be prepared for a car to make a left without signaling or much notice at all. To avoid being hit by a left-turning vehicle, you may have to speed up or swerve to avoid a collision.

4. Resist the urge to drive between cars

No one likes to sit in traffic, and it can be extremely tempting to drive between cars in stopped traffic. While it may seem like the smart idea to save time, it can leave motorcyclists susceptible to being hit by cars changing lanes or a car door unexpectedly opening.

5. Don’t Drink and Drive

This is important no matter what kind of vehicle you are operating. You should never drink alcohol and operate motorcycle, bicycle, car, or boat. It is your responsibility as a motorcyclist to take proper safety precautions. Never drive a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol. It is better to leave your motorcycle where it is and call a cab, than be involved in a fatal accident.

After a devastating crash, motorcyclists and their families not only have to wrangle with stingy insurance companies, but they also have to deal with unfair stereotypes. To avoid unfair blame and a lowball offer, you need an experienced advocate in your corner.

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