Apps to Prevent Drunk Driving

With the winter holidays in full swing, parties and social events seem to be popping up everywhere. With these events come increased incidents of drunk driving. While it is always good to have a plan and a designated driver, sometimes things do not work out as intended. Designated drivers can fall through and you can be left scrambling for a ride home at the end of the night, or worse, deciding to get behind the wheel yourself.

To prevent DWI and putting yourself and others in danger, check out these apps that can help you have a safer time this holiday season:

  1. Have a Plan

The Have a Plan app from New York State allows users to create a step by step plan that can be used after a night of drinking. App users can input a list of contacts of trusted designated drivers to call if too intoxicated to drive home. Additionally, the app utilizes GPS service to locate taxi services, has a BAC calculator, reflex testing games, and the ability to report a drunk driver from inside the app.

It is available for Android and iPhone in the app store

  1. SaferRide

The creators of SaferRide for Android and iOS know that when you’re too drunk to drive, operating complicated apps might not be possible. To fix this, SaferRide only kept the essentials when planning their app. You can call a friend, call a cab, or locate yourself on a map if you do not know where you are. That’s it. Sometimes, simplicity is best.

  1. Uber

If you find yourself in need of a ride home after a night out, Uber can make the process easier. Not only does GPS technology lead a local driver to your exact location, but payment is accepted through PayPal, Google Wallet or your credit card. Meaning, even if you can’t find your wallet, you can still get home.

  1. SteerClear

How many times have you heard someone complain about taking a cab home because they do not want to leave their car at the bar? If this is a concern for you, SteerClear provides professional drivers who will take both you and your car home mat the end of the night. You can arrange your pick-up time and place, one-way or by the hour services, and watch your driver arrive in real time.

SteerClear is available for iOS and Android

Don’t spend your holiday stuck in a jail cell, or worse. The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. has a successful track record representing clients injured by a drunk driver's negligence, and can vigorously pursue damages to cover the costs of your medical treatment, rehabilitation and home care. We will also seek compensation for any lost wages, pain, suffering, emotional trauma and property damage. Our firm has no sympathy for a driver who knowingly puts other people's lives at risk by driving while intoxicated, and will provide uncompromising representation and advocacy.