Strange Injuries

We asked the community what about some of the strangest injuries they’ve experienced. Their answers did not disappoint.

“One of [my husband] Sean’s teammates once sneezed and strained his oblique!”
- Sandra N.

“I broke a pinky in a pillow fight, broke a wrist while jumping in moon boots (then fell down stairs), knocked myself unconscious and gave myself two black eyes by plopping on to a hotel bed...I'm sure there are others, but those are the first that come to mind.”
- Kellee K.

“Broke a wrist snowboarding on a sled down an icy street.”
- Zack C.

“I broke my wrist in a pillow fight that I wasn't even participating in.”
- Gia K.

“I broke my tailbone due to slipping on a butter patty on the dance floor at a bat mitzvah, and yes, when I hit the ground my teeth shook”
- Marisa K.

“I broke my middle toe by dropping a bathroom sink cabinet door on it, mid-fight with my mom.”
- Ashley S.

“I broke my wrist, elbow, and two ribs in 7th grade when I rode an ATV off a small cliff in upstate New York. Had never been on one, turned the wrong way and hit the gas accidentally instead of the brakes. Oops?”
- Matt B.

“Run over by a car, actually pushed under the front tire for 10-20 feet. Not fun. Staples, hundreds of stitches, skin grafts, and Scott trying to touch my ankle bone which was apparently visible.”
- Lee Odierno

“Stung in the eye by a bee – it died before I could ask why”
- Scott Odierno

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