New Car Safety Features that Could Come In Handy

Modern cars have come a long way since their invention in the 19th century. With all of their fancy features and designs, they look more like spaceships than cars! Modern engineering has equipped cars with many safety features that have been proven to saves lives. According to NHTSA, cars made after the year 2000 have protected over one million people from injury. Here are some cool new safety features to look for that can keep yourself and your loved ones safe when on the road.

Lane departure warning

This feature uses cameras to sense when a vehicle starts to drift into another lane. It comes in three forms:

  1. Warning -- this is a warning only. The car alerts you via lights or vibration when the car leaves a lane, but the driver needs to correct their driving on their own.
  2. Lane keep assist -- once you drift too far outside of your lane, the car will steer itself away from the lane marking. The driver then has to recenter the car in the lane.
  3. Lane centering assist -- this is the newest system, and is on the verge of self driving technology. The car continuously works to keep itself centered in the current lane.

Adaptive headlights

This feature is designed to make driving in darker conditions safer by increasing visibility and illuminating curves and hills. The headlights rotate as the vehicle turns, instead of constantly pointing straight.

Traction control

Traction control prevents tires from spinning on wet roads. It works using sensors to measure rotational speeds of the tires and makes corrections. Almost everyone has experienced the frustrations of spinning tires on snow, so this is definitely a favorite new feature for us Northeastern drivers. This technology helps to prevent spin-outs and loss of control when driving in the winter.

Forward collision warning

This technology uses cameras to analyze the road in front of you. If it detects an object or hazard in front of you, such as a stopped car or person walking, the car will alert the driver via a visual, sensory or audible signal. Some cars will automatically brake to avoid making contact with the object.

Modern technology has definitely made cars safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. These features help to prevent accidents before they can happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, call the lawyers at the O2 Law Firm for a free consultation.