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What Damages May Be Available Outside of No-Fault Insurance Accidents?

Most people have an understanding that the state of New York operates on a no-fault insurance standard and in many situations, claims are handled with each driver’s own insurance. However, there are certain situations when you must go beyond your own insurance company to seek additional compensation.

In accidents where significant injuries occur and when damages exceed a specific amount, it’s imperative to understand your legal options. Here are the damages you can pursue outside of the no-fault insurance laws.

Healthcare Costs & Medical Expenses

In auto accidents, the victim may go outside of their own insurance and pursue a fault-based claim against the negligent party’s insurance company under given circumstances. This includes when injuries are considered serious and disabling.

The claim may be placed seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and other expenses associated with the injuries you have sustained.

Property Damage

You may also experience damage to your vehicle that would exceed the limits of your no-fault insurance claim. Because of this, the law allows you to pursue compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company to repair or replace your vehicle.

In these types of claims, it’s important to recognize the various ways to prove liability in a car accident. Showing liability is the most effective way to handle claims with another party’s insurance company as they may try to deny your claim or pay you less than what you deserve.

When you have trouble with this type of claim and you need help to take on the other insurance company, you should have someone on your side who recognizes the legal complexities associated with the matter. This is where our Long Island car accident lawyers come in to help.

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