New York’s Dram Shop Laws: What they Mean for Drunk Driving Accidents

In any negligence-related incident, there are multiple questions regarding liability and proving who should be responsible for compensation. Unfortunately, in drunk driving accidents, it’s easy for individuals to get caught up in blaming only one party for the injuries.

Yes, the drunk driver should be held accountable for their decision to drink and drive. They should be forced to pay out compensation. In New York, though, there are certain laws that can help those injured in a drunk driving accident seek additional action when a bar or other establishment plays a role in the injuries sustained.

Understanding What the Dram Shop Laws Mean

Dram shop laws can add an element to drunk driving accident lawsuits involving a third-party such as a bar or restaurant. The laws make it illegal for these establishments to serve alcohol to a person who is already considered visibly intoxicated.

The establishment must identify signs of intoxication such as difficulties with balance and coordination, the individual slurring when talking, and bloodshot eyes. If these signs a present, or there are any potential issues where the patron can be seen as intoxicated, they cannot be served alcohol.

How Does Dram Shop Law Affect Legal Action?

When a bar or restaurant ignores its obligation to refuse alcohol to an already visibly intoxicated party, and the patron leaves, drives, and causes an injury accident, the establishment can also be held accountable for their contribution to the cause of the drunk driving crash.

Proving dram shop liability requires extensive legal knowledge to show that the defendant was in fact intoxicated, they were visibly intoxicated at a bar or restaurant and were given more alcohol, and the intoxication caused the crash.

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