skid marks on road from truck accident

Truck Accidents & COVID-19

With the impacts of the coronavirus being so widespread, the U.S. has had to make some changes with regard to hours of service regulations for trucking companies.


Read on to learn more about these changes.

Shipping Increase

As you probably know, concerns regarding COVID-19 have caused people to panic-buy. Stores across the country are running out of supplies like toilet paper and eggs. Not only that, but hospitals are also running out of medical supplies like masks and ventilators.


Due to this increase in demand, there has subsequently been an increase in commercial trucks on the road in order to deliver the goods that we all so desperately need.


Even though passenger cars are not on the roads very much these days, that doesn’t mean accidents won’t happen.

Changes For Hours-of-Service Regulations

Truck drivers are obligated to abide by hours-of-service regulations. Essentially, these are laws that limit the number of hours truckers may drive that are posed by the federal government and are designed to prevent truck drivers from operating their vehicles too much at one time.


Truck drivers have historically been overworked, which has caused many drivers to fall asleep at the wheel, or make other dangerous maneuvers that can cause accidents.


Due to the high demand of goods during the coronavirus pandemic, these federal hours-of-service regulations have been temporarily lifted. The intent behind this decision is to allow truck drivers the freedom to drive without limitations so that they can hopefully bring goods to their destinations quicker.

Keep This In Mind

While you shouldn’t have to drive very far during the pandemic, it’s important to keep this lift in hours of service regulations in mind when you do have to get behind the wheel. Provide trucks with more space than you think they need. Truck drivers are working hard to ensure we all have the products we need, so it’s important to be respectful of that.

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