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4 Common Causes of Car Accidents and Showing Negligence

After a car accident, it’s vital to show how someone else may be responsible for your damages. Showing negligence can help you obtain compensation for the damages you endure. Below, we’ll detail four of the more common causes of car accidents and certain signs to look for that can help you show someone is negligent.

Texting and Driving

Any distraction can be dangerous, but texting and driving encompass all three forms of distracted driving. A driver has to look at the phone (visual), hold it with one hand to read or respond (manual), and focus on what the text says (cognitive). Typically, texting and driving can lead to swerving, erratic braking, and more.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol can significantly damage someone’s depth perception, focus, decision-making, and more. Unfortunately, drunk driving is one of the leading causes of crashes, and it often leads to some of the most severe and catastrophic injuries. A drunk driver would exhibit some of the same signs as a distracted driver.


Speeding can make it difficult to stop at red lights, traffic signs, and more. Speeding can easily cause a driver to lose control. It’s easy to recognize if someone’s speeding, but if they cause an accident, you may need to show signs of negligence to pursue compensation, such as tire marks from the driver trying to brake too quickly.

Fatigued Driving

When a driver is too tired, they may swerve between lanes, speed up and slow down, brake without another car in front of them, and other problems. Unfortunately, fatigue is much more dangerous than most initially thought, and it occurs in roughly eight to nine percent of accidents.

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