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6 Secrets Insurance Adjusters Keep from Claimants

Dealing with insurance adjusters is an inevitable step in the pursuit of compensation following a car accident. Unfortunately, these friendly individuals often act to protect the insurance company’s profits, taking advantage of claimants in the meantime.

If you suffer injuries in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence, you need to recognize your rights. It helps to understand the various secrets that insurance companies and their adjusters keep from claimants to minimize or deny claims. The more you know, the more it can help you plan appropriately with your legal assistance.

Here are 6 important things you should know about:

  1. You should have a lawyer throughout the process
  2. You can negotiate your settlement offer
  3. You don’t have to provide a recorded statement alone
  4. You shouldn’t trust everything insurance adjusters say
  5. You can seek an estimate from a third party
  6. You can go through legal action if insurance adjusters don’t provide enough compensation

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1. You Should Have a Lawyer Throughout the Process

Insurance adjusters may claim that you don’t need to have a lawyer for a simple process. Without a lawyer, you may not understand your full rights, and insurance adjusters take advantage of your vulnerable situation. Even if you’re at the beginning of filing a claim, you should have legal counsel on your side to protect your rights.

2. You Can Negotiate Your Settlement Offer

Insurance adjusters may offer you a settlement and claim that it’s all you can receive. They may try to shut down negotiations. However, you may pursue further compensation after a crash if you have a skilled lawyer on your side to maximize the value of your claim with solid evidence.

3. You Don’t Have to Provide a Recorded Statement Alone

During the process of investigating a claim, insurance adjusters may request a recorded statement. However, these statements are usually more in the interest of insurance adjusters who want to protect profits. Adjusters look at recorded statements for any discrepancies in your statement and issues that can result in a claim denial. Have a lawyer with you during the process to safeguard your rights.

4. You Shouldn’t Trust Everything Insurance Adjusters Say

Insurance companies train their employees to act friendly. They want you to believe everything they say and that they are looking out for your best interests. Don’t trust their word and run everything they say by your legal counsel to avoid having your rights taken advantage of during a vulnerable time.

5. You Can Seek an Estimate from a Third Party

Insurance adjusters have their own way of determining your claim’s value. However, they may not look at all aspects to provide you with the compensation you deserve. It’s vital to have your own team to determine your losses.

6. You Can Go Through Legal Action If Insurance Adjusters Don’t Provide Enough Compensation

If your negotiations with insurance adjusters don’t go anywhere, you may need to file a lawsuit with your legal team’s help. While very few auto accident cases go to trial, it’s often the method that helps yield the maximum compensation claimants deserve after a crash.

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