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Will the Police Report Say Who Is At Fault?

Obtaining evidence after a car accident can guide you when pursuing the compensation you need. One of the most essential pieces of evidence you can get is a police report. It’s crucial to recognize what a police report can do for your accident claim. However, you should know that it doesn’t say who is at fault for the accident.

It Can Indicate Liability

The police report can provide information regarding the accident and statements provided by all parties. However, it will not indicate a specific person was at fault. It provides information that your lawyer can use to show how the accident occurred and who may be responsible for it.

The police report alone won’t allow you to place blame on someone. Your legal team can use the police report and statements within it to build a case showing liability. Its effectiveness makes it a necessary piece of evidence to obtain after a car accident.

Hire a Lawyer to Help Your Case

While you may try to handle matters yourself, get your insurance company to request a police report, and seek compensation alone, this can be a dangerous task. You never know who is on your side and when insurance adjusters will use unethical tactics to try and minimize your claim. A lawyer can help you get the police report, and safeguard your rights throughout the process.

A lawyer knows how to utilize the information within the police report to help build a strong case. If someone is negligent and causes your harm, the police report can have helpful information within it, even if it doesn’t directly name the at-fault party.

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