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Why Should I Avoid Social Media After a Car Accident?

From the moment you suffer a car accident, you must recognize the dos and don’ts involved. Of course, you should take steps that help you protect your rights. However, there are other aspects you should avoid after the crash that insurance adjusters may use against you.

One thing you want to avoid is social media. While you may feel it’s an innocent place to put your feelings after a car accident, posting the wrong things can be more detrimental to your case than expected. Here’s why:

Your Profile Is Not As Private As You Think

Even if you have your social media profiles marked as private, insurance adjusters have various ways to access what you are posting. Insurance adjusters use investigators to access your profile to see everything you post, including the photos you post.

You May Post Contradicting Statuses or Photos

Because you feel your profile is private, you may not hesitate to post things that insurance adjusters will try to use to damage your claim. If you post a photo that contradicts your injury claims, insurance adjusters may reduce the compensation they provide, or in some cases, outright deny your claim.

You Can Face Consequences for Deleting Items from Your Social

If you delete posts or photos from your social media pages, you may do more than damage your claim. Destroying evidence can be problematic, and you can face legal issues. Leave posts as they are, even if they pertain to previous injuries.

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