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Questions Insurance Adjusters May Ask After a Crash

After a crash, you may need to pursue compensation through an insurance company. It’s unfortunate to think about, but some insurance companies try to find ways to minimize how much they pay you for damages in a settlement. As such, it’s vital to understand how you can protect your rights after a car accident.

At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., we encourage you to avoid speaking with insurance adjusters. However, if these trained professionals try to talk to you, it’s crucial to know some of the questions they may try to ask. Your answers can impact your claim, so be as careful as possible.

Here are some questions you may get from insurance adjusters:

  • How fast were you driving?
  • Did the airbags deploy?
  • Did you suffer injuries?
  • Were you seen by a medical professional?

You should only provide the facts and nothing more than necessary after an accident.

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How Fast Were You Driving?

While you may not have been the one speeding, insurance adjusters can use certain statements against you during your claim. If you make a statement about your speed in the accident and it contradicts your initial report, insurance adjusters may claim that your memory of the accident isn’t clear.

Did the Airbags Deploy?

Questions about your airbags can indicate the damage to your vehicle. Of course, most insurance adjusters already know the answers to their questions before they even ask. They’ve probably seen photos of your accident and the accident report.

They most often want to hear what you have to say, and it can determine how they treat your case.

Did You Suffer Injuries?

When an insurance adjuster asks if you suffered injuries in a car accident, it’s essential to be clear and concise. If you say you didn’t suffer an injury because you don’t feel pain at the moment, it can instantly impact your compensation claim.

Make sure you let them know your intentions to seek medical care. You can explain that you feel some pain and that you are going to seek further evaluation to determine if you have an injury, the significance of the injury, and how to move forward with treatment.

The moment you tell an insurance adjuster you didn’t suffer injuries in your car accident, it can significantly damage your claim. This statement is often enough for insurance companies to minimize compensation to only include property damage or deny your claim completely.

Were You Seen By a Medical Professional?

If you are speaking with insurance adjusters a few days after the crash occurs, they may ask if you went to see a doctor or if a paramedic evaluated your damages at the accident scene. If you provide an answer, don’t go into detail. Instead, it can help your case to direct insurance adjusters to speak with your legal representation to avoid saying anything that may be used against you.

After you file a claim, it’s crucial to remember that insurance adjusters want to protect profits. If they can avoid paying high settlements, they will do whatever it takes to safeguard their bottom line, even if it means using your statements and comments against you.

No matter the case, our Long Island car accident lawyers are ready to stand in your corner and help you pursue maximum compensation in your case. We go the extra mile to provide you with excellent representation and seek the outcome you need and deserve.

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