driver putting on a seatbelt

The Golden Rules for Road Safety

Staying safe on the road is imperative. Unfortunately, too many drivers break the traffic laws, act negligently, and cause severe crashes. Whenever you get behind the wheel of a car, it’s crucial to put your safety first, even if others don’t. Below, we’ll explain some of the golden rules of the road to help keep you from encountering a significant injury.

Use Your Seat Belt

While you may not prevent an accident, you can minimize the damage you sustain in the accident. Always be sure to wear your seat belt. In a crash, the impact of the collision can cause severe damage to your body. Having your seat belt on can keep your body from jolting around the cabin of your vehicle and sustaining a catastrophic injury.

Respect Laws and Others On the Road

Respect goes a long way when it comes to safety. The most effective way for you and others to stay as safe as possible on the road is to respect traffic laws and other drivers. Traffic lights and speed limits exist for a reason, and lanes are there to keep cars from colliding with one another.

Don’t Promote Aggressive Driving

While you may think that you are not doing anything wrong, you can cause significant problems when antagonizing other drivers. Cutting someone off or speeding up to pass someone (or keep someone from passing you) is a quick way to promote aggressiveness, leading to a severe crash.

Maintain Your Vehicle

As safe as a driver as you may be, it won’t amount to anything if your vehicle is not safe. Issues can arise when you fail to maintain your vehicle. Failure to maintain a vehicle is a form of negligence, and it can make a driver liable for damages.

At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., we know that you may not always be able to prevent an accident. Some drivers are negligent, and you can’t predict their actions. You can take steps to stay as safe as possible. When an accident occurs, you can put our Long Island car accident lawyers on your side to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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