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Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Avoid a Car Accident
Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

With the spring coming up, many drivers will take to the roads, going from one destination to the other. In Long Island, this could mean a trip to the beach or to the city for some fun. However, one thing that is often overlooked is vehicle maintenance and how important it ...

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  • How Many Fatal Car Accidents Occur In New York Each Year?

    We all know about the amount of traffic on the roads throughout the entire state of New York. When you also factor in some of the inclement weather, ...

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  • Injuries Common In Car Accidents...and How You Can Be Safe

    Car accidents. They occur frequently in Long Island and all throughout New York. As a result, many individuals suffer serious injuries. Even more ...

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  • New Car Safety Features that Could Come In Handy

    Modern cars have come a long way since their invention in the 19th century. With all of their fancy features and designs, they look more like ...

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  • Obtaining and Using Police Reports in a Motor Vehicle Accident

    If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, or any other incident where law enforcement officers responded, a police report will have been ...

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  • Driving Near Large Trucks

    Driving near a large truck can be intimidating. They are large, occupy the majority of their lane, and have several major operational limitations ...

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  • Winter Driving Safety

    Driving in the snow can be one of the most stressful parts of any winter. Whether it’s other cars moving slowly, your car sliding on the roads, or ...

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  • Apps to Prevent Drunk Driving

    With the winter holidays in full swing, parties and social events seem to be popping up everywhere. With these events come increased incidents of ...

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  • Road Trip Safety

    The great American road trip is a rite of passage that everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Whether it’s with family, friends, or ...

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  • Distracted Driving

    We all know the feeling of driving behind a car whose driver is very obviously not paying attention to the road. They slam on their brakes, drive ...

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