Single and Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Single & Multi-Vehicle Accidents

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Single and multi-vehicle accidents differ by the number of cars involved. Single vehicle accidents involve only one car while multi-vehicle accidents include two or more cars. Both of these types of scenarios should be taken very seriously and require important steps to be taken. At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., we are determined to help car accident victims review their case and fully understand their legal options. If you have been injured, our Long Island personal injury lawyers can steer you towards filing a claim and getting the money you need for your medical and nonmedical fees. Without having proper representation on your side, insurance companies may take advantage of the situation and give you less that you are entitled to.

Single Vehicle Accidents

This type of accident can be an exceptionally stressful and frustrating situation to deal with. Single vehicle accidents involve only one car and can happen to even the safest of drivers. If you have been injured and your car was the only one involved, our Long Island personal injury lawyers may be able to help. There are situations that may have been out of your control in which you could possible receive compensation from your insurance company.

Single vehicle accidents include:

  • Swerving out of the way from a distracted or negligent driver;
  • Swerving to avoid hitting an object or animal on the road;
  • Potholes;
  • Poor weather conditions (icy pavement, sun glare, etc.); and
  • Flying objects (tree branch, rocks, etc.).

Although it may be tough to handle a single accident case, it is not impossible. Our law firm is determined to help clients evaluate their case and help them identify any evidence that may prove that they were not at fault for the damages involved.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents include two or more cars. If you have been injured in this type of accident, it is important to understand who was at fault and what may have caused it. The more vehicles that are involved in the accident, however, the more difficult it can become to receive the appropriate amount of money needed for the injuries or damages related to the accident.

By having a skilled attorney on your side, you are better able to defend your multi-vehicle case involving:

  • Head-on Collision: This type of accident occurs when the front of two vehicles run into one another. A common reason for head-on collisions is that one driver, for whatever reason, merges into oncoming traffic and crashes into an innocent driver.
  • Rear-End Collision: Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents. They happen when the front of one car runs into the back of another. This may be due to a speeding, distracted, negligent or tailgating driver. The car in front may also slam on their breaks without warning, although proper distance should always be placed between a driver and the car in front of them.
  • Side-Impact Collision: These accidents are also referred to as T-bone collisions. They occur when the front of one vehicle runs into the side of another and can happen when a person runs a light or stop sign, when someone is backing out of a driveway, pulling out of a parking lot or during any other similar instance.
  • Pileup: A pileup is known as an accident that involves multiple vehicles and it can be a very difficult type of case to deal with. Due to the fact that multiple people are involved, it means that they may have different recollections of what happened as well as different insurance companies who want to get out of paying for any damages related to the accident.

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Have you been injured in an accident that was out of your control? Did someone cause an accident that damaged your car and injured you? No matter what the case may be, not is the time to seek experienced representation to stand by your side. In doing so, you can focus more on recovering from your injuries while your attorney can handle the complicated legal aspects involved. At The Odierno Law Firm, P.C., our team has more than 150 years of combined experience that they are determined to put to work for the unique car accident cases of our clients.

We can get you started with our free case evaluation in order to better review your legal matters and determine the best plan of action to take. Do not hesitate to call a Long Island personal injury attorney from our firm to initiate your case immediately!

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