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Filing a Claim for Just Compensation

A driver who is intoxicated while driving can cause accidents with injuries because the alcohol impairs the driver's judgment and perception. In fact, alcohol-related driving accidents kill or injure thousands of pedestrians, passengers and other motorists each year. If you, a friend or family member have been the victim of a drunk driver you should seek legal advice from a Long Island injury attorney who can assist you.

Under state laws, when a person with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or greater operates a motor vehicle, they have committed a criminal act. An intoxicated driver is almost always considered at fault when they are involved in an accident.

This includes drunk driving incidents involving:

  • The driver of a passenger vehicle, SUV or truck
  • A commercial truck driver
  • A bus driver
  • A taxi driver

Your rights are protected whether you were a driver or passenger in another car, a passenger with the intoxicated driver, or a pedestrian. Finding justice through the criminal court system is not easy, and it is not guaranteed. If you suffered injuries due to another's intoxication, it is in your best interest to file a personal injury suit in order to pursue compensation for your medical bills and other damages.

Who Is At Fault in a DUI/DWI Accident?

A person engaging in the negligent behavior of driving while intoxicated and causing an accident and injuries can be can be held legally responsible. A drunk driver can face criminal charges such as:

  • Jail time
  • Prison
  • Fines
  • Court-ordered treatment programs

In addition, victims of car accidents, truck accidents, or motorcycle accidents involving a drunk driver can also file a suit against the drunk driver or the insurance company if they cannot reach a fair settlement for compensation. Given the often serious injuries that result from DUI accidents, it is important that the victims are able to obtain just damages so that they will not have financial difficulties while they recover.

A driver has a duty to operate a vehicle with care. If the duty of care is violated then the driver may be charged with negligence. A DUI/DWI victim may be able to file a lawsuit to recover for losses such as property damage, medical costs, and loss of wages. The victim may also be able to hold third parties responsible if their actions contributed to the DUI/DWI.

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The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. has a successful track record representing clients injured by a drunk driver's negligence, and can vigorously pursue damages to cover the costs of your medical treatment, rehabilitation and home care. We will also seek compensation for any lost wages, pain, suffering, emotional trauma and property damage. Our firm has no sympathy for a driver who knowingly puts other people's lives at risk by driving while intoxicated, and will provide uncompromising representation and advocacy.

Contact a Long Island drunk driving lawyer at our firm for dedicated advocacy if you have been hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

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