Dog Bite Injuries to Children

Dog Bite Injuries to Children

Long Island Dog Bite Attorney for Child Injuries

After having helped millions of families with their personal injury cases, you can trust the Long Island personal injury attorney at The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. to assist with your child’s dog bite injury case. We understand the perceptibility that children have to be severely injured by dogs, especially because of their small bodies and vulnerable dispositions.

Another unfortunate element of dog attacks associated with children is that an injury to a child is often more traumatic and has the ability to cause more physical damage than an injury to an adult. If a dog has bitten or injured your child, it's very important to contact a dog bite lawyer in Long Island who is experienced in handling dog bites and the legal process of recovering compensation for all damages – both physical and emotional.

Steps to Take After a Dog Attack

If a dog injures your child, whether it happened in a public place such as a park or sidewalk, or it took place while visiting someone on private property, you should immediately take measures to handle the injury. This could be administering first aid, including cleaning the wound and applying a bandage, or it could be calling for an ambulance.

Find out from the owner if the dog has any known diseases or infections. Keep in mind that an injury could also be a scratch, or the dog could have knocked the child down with no scratches or bites. Another common way people get injured is when they attempt to flee from a dog they feel is being aggressive and then subsequently trip or fall and injure themselves.

Common Injuries Resulting from a Dog Attack

Injuries from dog attacks can include deep puncture wounds or scratches, torn skin and tissue, and in children, these injuries are often to the neck, head and arms. Large dogs are quite capable of breaking or crushing bones with their powerful jaws, even with adults. Dismemberment is the tragic consequence of a vicious attack. Unfortunately, a dog attack can also result in death.

Statistics show that with children, most of the injuries are usually to the head and neck. A small body is in more danger of a crushed skill or a penetrated carotid artery. Even small dogs can cause serious injuries to young children. There is also a real consequence of a particularly dangerous infection, rabies, and permanent scarring. It would be crucial to know whether the dog's rabies vaccinations are current. In some cases, it is necessary for a victim to undergo reconstructive surgery, skin grafts, physical therapy, and surgery to attempt to improve the appearance of scars.

Emotional Trauma

Children who have been attacked by a dog are likely to have emotional trauma as well as physical injury. This can manifest as nightmares, heightened fear of dogs and other animals, and many other stress-related symptoms. Often these can last a lifetime. In the State of New York, persons under the age of 18 are known as infants in dog bite cases.

A standard is 1 year after an injury before a doctor can determine whether an injury will leave permanent scars, although sometimes it is clear that it will. If the dog owner is found liable, the court must approve any attempt to settle the claim. A Supreme Court Judge must also review the case. Any settlement that is made for the infant must be held in a trust account until the infant reaches the age of 18.

Fighting for Justice for Injured Children

If your child has suffered any kind of injury from a vicious dog, you need the guidance of a skilled Long Island dog bite attorney. New York dog bite law is fairly complex, and at the firm, we know how to manage these cases with professional skill – and personal commitment. Your child's future can be forever changed due to a failure of a dog owner to protect others from a vicious attack. The firm takes these cases very seriously on a personal level.

Contact The Odierno Law Firm, P.C. today for more information about recovering compensation for all damages.

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